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Was born.

Expelled from not one, but two Secondary Schools.

Attended a Trade School for two years.

Anti-social in most cases but fun in others.

Draws mainly in charcoal using cheap, glittery make-up brushes.

........ and has a sense of humour.

CO-MA centres a desire to experiment at the forefront of his art practice. Replacing his paintbrush for sticks of charcoal and “using cheap, glittery make-up brushes” in 2019, he began creating strikingly vivid portraits, which mesh desolate bodies and figures in decay with mystical, otherworldly overtones. His work has no frills but contrasts living in the world of black and white. 



“By his own confession, the artist favours a world of black and white – hence, no unnecessary distractions, just plays of light and shadow, which he uses to his advantage, almost effortlessly, to portray textures, surfaces, a healthy, vis-à-vis a decaying or rotting body.”


Interview,  Artpaper #16 

‘Mouth Agape’ by Lisa Gwen


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